Honey Linden Bashkirhan, 8.46 oz


Honey Linden Bashkirhan, 8.46 oz

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Linden honey - the best means for prevention of catarrhal diseases. Traditional medicine recommends to mix at cold cranberry juice in half with honey and to drink 40-50 ml 2-3 times a day. At quinsy honey rinsing can help. Dissolve honey with warm water in the ratio 1:2 and caress a throat 2-3 times a day.

Botanical structure: a linden (can be present: дягиль, marjoram, willow-herb and other melliferous herbs)
Honey bouquet: Spicy forest aroma of a linden with an easy note of a tea rose. Taste is rich, juicy with a subtle mint shade.

Origin: Mishkinsky district, Bashkiria

Recommendations about the use:
the Bashkir white honey is not only tasty and useful delicacy, but also fine means for prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases, known of national recipes.
Remember that when heating over 40 °C honey loses part of enzymes and vitamins therefore at treatment put him in warm, but not hot drinks.

Nutrition and power value on 100 g: carbohydrates of 80,3 g, caloric content are 324 Kcal.
Shelf life: To store at a temperature not over 20 ° within 2 years of date of packing.